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Astrophotography is a not a simple topic and it is not a main stream hobby. Little wonder that you do not find as many tutorials as for common hobbies like knitting. One day a very simple insight came to my mind: if there is no tutorial about a given topic, this is because nobody has made one yet. While I thankfully receive a lot of information from the internet I now felt I want to offer my contribution to it. So I started a YouTube channel and shot my first video. Some are about general topics, some are about processing. I'm using PixInsight in all videos because this happened to be the software I use. Even if you use a different program you might pick up some general ideas.
All my videos are strictly non commercial, do not contain any advertising. Neither do I intend to earn any money with them nor do I expect any company to send me any samples. The only purpose is to offer help to beginners as so many people offered help when I started this. I hope you find what you are looking for. If you have questions, feel free to post a comment at YouTube.
Over time I found helpful articles, tables and collections of formulas I'd like to share with you. Some of them are commercial. I am not related to any of these and liking them does not mean I recommend the products sold there. I wrote some short articles myself but they need some editorial work so the list is short but growing.