About ...

... me

I am the Elf. That is not the name in my passport but it is how my friends call me. I'm born back in the 70's of the last century. I don't go with the mainstream, maybe you can even call me a nonconformist. I intentionally refuse evolution to homo economicus, the occasion hunter and coupon gatherer, but stay at the level of homo sapiens, the thinking man. It somehow happened that I work as an engineer today developing optical inspections systems. I am a highly sensitve person (HSP), I practice mindfulness and meditation and I am a vegetarian. I'm not exactly a minimalist but I often think less is more and try to keep things simple.

... my hobby

In 1985 I started daylight photography with an analogue SLR. After a few years away from the hobby I restarted with a DSLR in 2014. Three years later I added what I perceive as just a larger lens to it: a telescope. Not quite sure how deep I want to dive in I started with low priced equipment. Two years later non of the starting gear was left and each and every bit was updated to a higher quality level. There was a lot to learn but my job background as well as my experience in daylight photography made some things a bit easier.

... this page

I never intended to have my own website. I used common photo and astro websites to upload my images. After the photo site deleted almost all images from my portfolio without notice and started "correcting" uploaded images I decided to find a better way. The well known astro site is far to often unavailable and so slow that uploads often fail. Not a great fan of frustration I decided to build my own website. Again some work experience was helpful to get the job done. The site is hosted in Germany and all data are on SSD drives. I hope you have an enjoyable browsing experience!


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