The Whirlpool Galaxy and NGC 5195

Whirlpool Galaxy

Other names:NGC 5194, M51
Distance:23 million light years
Date:14-March-2020, 21-March-2020
Lens:GSO RC8
Field of view:33' x 18'
Cameras:Canon 800D
Mount:Skywatcher EQ6-R
Guiding:ZWO OAG, Lacerta MGEN-II
Exposure time:10h 16min
OSC 88 x 7min at ISO 400
Sizes 1920 x 1080 | 2688 x 1512
Versions: 2018 Version
Update: Image replaced! After replacing the RC6 by an RC8 and the Celestron AVX by a Skywatcher EQ6-R and the Canon T3i(600D) by a Canon T7i(800D) the images shows a lot more detail now. Using Photometric Color Calibration in PixInsight the color is hopefully a bit closer to reality than in the 2018 version. The full processing of the 2018 image is available as a tutorial video including a download of the source files here: (YouTube)